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Joavina Organics Shea Lip Balm + Jamaican Sea Moss Gel – Mini Pure

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Christmas present for your loved ones.
Show how important they are to you with a care kit.

Consisting of:

  • A glass of Sea Moss Pure 107 ml
  • One can of Shea Lip Balm from Joavina Organics 15 ml

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Jamaican Sea Moss Gel free of additives

Taste: neutral, with a slight natural sea note in the smell

Special feature: Sea Moss contains 92 of 102 minerals essential to our body. These can affect our body in the following ways.

  • Regulation of digestive problems and constipation, which lead to abdominal cramps, for example
  • Frees your body of mucus (e.g. nasal mucus) and toxins
  • Helps your body recover faster from muscle cramps and muscle soreness
  • Helps your skin heal from inflammation such as sunburn, dermatitis, herpes and eczema
  • Supports your body in losing weight and curbs your appetite
  • It alleviates unpleasant symptoms of nausea and heartburn
  • Depression, anxiety and restlessness
  • Reduces LDL cholesterol, which particularly improves the living conditions of diabetics
  • Hashimoto (hypothyroidism) Due to the excellent iodine content, Jamaican Sea Moss Gel has a positive effect on the production of T3 and T4 hormones. These are vital hormones to keep the metabolism of the entire organism active and maintain performance.
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