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Professor Sewodo and Mrs. Jeannette Komlanvi, Co-founders, have named Joavina after their daughter, which means in our Ewe dialect Joanna-vi-ena (because of Joanna). Professor Sewodo K. Komlanvi is Togolese, and grew up in New York, USA. After his studies, he has been teaching at the University level for nearly 20 years in the USA and Germany.

As an avid entrepreneur, Sewodo created small businesses in the past and is a business consultant. Mrs. Jeannette Komlanvi on the other hand was born in Togo, grew up in Ghana and moved to Germany in her early age. After her studies in the UK, she moved back to Germany where she worked as an Accountant and Auditor for different companies. Jeannette is a serial small businesses entrepreneur.

We started this small business and created the Joavina organic brand out of necessity to introduce Shea butter and other organic products to our clients in Germany, Europe and other places in the world.

We have known of Shea butter since we were infants in Africa, but didn’t quite see the necessity of solely using it, until our daughter’s skin got irritated.

She had rashes all over her body as a baby and we really struggled looking for the perfect lotion to keep the situation under control. Her skin started peeling off and was very dry.

Subsequently, an elderly woman from Ghana told us to try the traditional way by using Shea Butter and other natural organic products to control the skin outbreak. 

Ever since then, we realized that we unfortunately grew up to know other synthetic products available in the cosmetic world and forgot our mother nature’s ways of caring for our skin. Therefore, our goal is to reach out to diverse customers with the best African organic products in order to help the society know the secret ways of Caring & Healing.

Our mission with Joavina is to disrupt the global cosmetic industry with African organic products. Our focus with this brand would be to represent and attain high-quality organic merchandises as well as skin and hair care product to our customers with different skin types and complexion. 

Our products are 100% of natural ingredients, pure Organic and handmade. Through a variety of different Oils and flavors, we want to give our customers a lifetime opportunity to customize the perfect skin care product that will suit their skin type and complexion.

At Joavina Organics, we are not only selling a brand, but an experience of using Shea Butter and other African organic products for at least decades.

By producing and offering eco-friendly items such as our bamboo packaging and the plant-based goods, we are committed to improve the ecosystem in Germany, Europe, USA, and the world. Through our women empowerment Association, we share a common interest with the brave women and their children of the Northern Togo and Burkina Faso who work tirelessly to harvest the best Shea nuts and handmade the butter.  We vow to help and lift them out of poverty. 

To accomplish this mission, an extraordinary research & development, trading, and creative marketing programs will be used to meet the demand and expectations of our customers. Nonetheless, a comprehensive distribution network via our online shopping website will enhance our project to attain its objectives.

"Shea Butter has everything you need for your body. It is rich in vitamins A, E, & F and has great anti-oxidant and emollient properties."

Joavina Organics, Co-Founders

Fondation Formula™

Fondation Formula™

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The Co-Founders' Story

The Co-Founders' Story

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